Red coloured river in Bandung Project
community developed drinking water plant
Grevelingen lake - Project Lijnen in het Landschap
Farmer on rice paddy in the Industrial Kampung of Bandung
Grevelingen lake

LILA Living Landscapes works on research, design and strategies for green healthy cities and landscapes. LILA has a special focus and expertise in co-creative green healthy city development, (re-)creating value for sensitive cultural and heritage landscapes, water systems and ecology.

My name is Suzanne Loen and I work on research, strategies and design for healthy cities and landscapes with a special focus on (historical) water systems.

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UN research projects global water demand can outpace supply by 30% in 2030

California only reuses 7% of it’s waste water

China houses 20% of the world population and only 6% of the worlds water supply.

Andalusie Spain abstracts 64% more groundwater each year than is replenished

Singapore reuses 30% of it's waste water