Historical Landscape of Ridderkerk

For the municipality of Ridderkerk I have analysed the historical green and blue structures. This town located south-east of Rotterdam on a crossing of the river Nieuwe Maas, Lek and Noord has a rich and divers character. It has historical shipyards on the riverfront, polders behind the high sea dikes with former tidal creeks and historical garden estates.


The historical village is centred around a green church ‘ring’ behind the old dike surrounded by polders. During the industrial revolution the shipyards and machine factories flourished and the town expanded with small neighbourhoods in garden city style. After the WW2 the town expanded with new towns neighbourhoods with vast green structures in ‘modern landscape style’ marking the transition between the town and the country side. The former shipyards and mansion of their former owners with gardens on the riverfront are a testimony of the towns industrial past. Some historical green and blue structures have been ignored and demolished during expansion and transformation in the pas decades. This analyses of the local heritage helps to preserve and integrate historical structures to maintain the identity of the town.


Project in collaboration with Lisanne van den Bulk and Peter Sikma  from Dorp Stad and Land