Vision and Method

I believe valuable knowledge to create healthy cities and landscapes can be found in our past. If we are able to combine this with todays knowledge it will help us to develop healthy and resilient cities and landscapes for the future


I believe valuable knowledge to create healthy cities and landscapes lies in our past. The way humans have shaped landscapes to create settlements and deal with water supply, floods and drought throughout history (however successful or not) was in a way smart. Working with what our natural surroundings have to offer and acknowledging its limitations will help us deal with the challenges of today.  If we are able to combine knowledge from the past with todays expertise we are able to move forward in a sustainable way and built healthy and resilient environments for plants, people and animals alike.

Ecology & Economy Method

The way our cities and landscapes are physically shaped today is a result of the interaction between the economic drivers and the ecological or natural framework of the context. For example cities are usually built on natural elevations near strategic waterbodies as the ocean or rivers. Local industries were often closely intertwined with the local ecology. Cities with a strong (former) textile or paper industry are usually located in areas with an abundance of fresh water (bodies) used as proces water, as driver for mills and/or waterways.  If we understand the historical and current relation or disconnect between economy & ecology we are able to re-create and re-connect a valuable development strategy.

My work embodies;