Water Biography and Timeline of Curaçao

For our heritage and nature inspired water sensitive planning approach we look at what we can learn from the past for the future. We wanted to visualise the historical development of waterscapes and -management in an engaging way. We hope the Water Biography and Timeline helps to create awareness and inspires islanders, planning and water professionals to learn from the past for the future.

Water Biography and Timeline

The Water Biography and Timeline forms the foundation of our research into the historical development of the landscape of Curaçao and its fresh watermanagement practices and traditions. The biography links 3 water related subjects with the Timeline that shows historical events and developments on the island;

  • Land Use Changes with an impact on the waterscape, water management and ultimately the water cycle;
  • Fresh water resource management systems and spatial development in relation to the natural and cultural rooi- and dam-system;
  • Water stories displays the soci0-cultural and economic dimension and significance of water in the Curaçaoan society.

The Water Biography and Timeline provided lessons from the past for a resilient future. The lessons are incorporated in our Nature and Heritage Inspired Water Sensitive Planning Approach for Curaçao.


Water Biography & Timeline of Curaçao. ©LILA Living Landscapes

©Suzanne Loen / LILA Living Landscapes

Published 3 March 2022

This project is executed in collaboration with Claudia Kraan from NAAM (National Archeological Anthropological Memory Management Curaçao) and financially supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.