Circular Water Stories | Fieldwork sprengen en beken

Sprengenbeek (wellspring brook) in Renkums Beekdal (Renkum Brook Valley)

For our Circular Water Stories project we visited the spreng-beken (wellspring brooks) water system south of the push moraine Veluwe.


De Molenbeek (bron Renkums Beekdal)

In the Renkumse Beekvallei (brook valley) the brooks meandered through wooded lowland to the river Rhine to the former and current paper mills of Van Gelder and Parenco.


Waterval Kasteel Rozendaal

More to the north east area the brooks have been transformed into landscape architectural elements on the vast park grounds of Castle Rozendael. Waterfalls and fountains are fed by these sprengenbeken and driven by the unusual  height difference (by Dutch standards)  in the terrain.