Historical gardens of Warmond

This research for the municipality of Teylingen focuses on three historical green structures. The Munnikenbos, a wet woodland, Hagheweyde, a garden estate, and Lommerlust, a farm and pleasure garden. These green structures are typical for this area on an old sandridge between the coast and the peat district. They contribute to the quality and identity of the area but have been neglected and affected by housing developments. By interconnecting these green areas and replanting and managing them with local species and methods this green heritage can be preserved while contributing to the spatial quality of Warmond.



The village of Warmond is located on the old dunes in between the young dunes surrounded by waters of channels and the peat lake beds. From the Middle Ages convents, nobility and farmers settled in this area strategically between the coast and the city of Leiden and Haarlem. Clusius introduced bulbs to the area which thrived on the ‘geestgronden’, contributing to its wealth and prosperity. The town boasts several garden estates and so called ‘pleasure gardens’ for the well to do traders and bourgeoisie.


Project in collaboration with Dorp Stad and Land